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Welcome to the Official Documentation for UnityGen - The #1 Generator Plugin within SpigotMC, with Item & Command reward support and lots more.


  1. Purchase & Download UnityGen.
  2. Place UnityGen.jar in your /plugins folder.
  3. Restart your Server.
  4. Type /unitygen


  • /gen give <player> <tier> [amount]
  • /gen givefuel <player> <tier> [amount]
  • /gen giveall <tier> [amount]
  • /gen giveallfuel <tier> [amount]
  • /gen list
  • /gen list fuel
  • /gen gui
  • /gen reload
  • /gen debug


  • unitygen.reload
  • unitygen.give
  • unitygen.giveall
  • unitygen.version
  • unitygen.list
  • unitygen.bypass


PlaceholderAPI - You must have PlaceholderAPI installed.

  • %unitygen_usergens%
  • %unitygen_userlimit%

MVdWPlaceholderAPI - You must have MVdWPlaceholderAPI installed.

  • {unitygen_usergens}
  • {unitygen_userlimit}


Below are different Addons created by Developers with UnityGen's built in API and Custom Events.


UnityGen has Hologram Support for Generators, In order to use these you must have HolographicDisplays installed.

Add the below snippet to a generator of your choice, of course you can customise the below to your liking!

- "&4%player%'s &cGenerator"
- "&8» &7Tier: &f%tier%"
- "&8» &7Generation: &f%interval% Seconds"


Below are methods that can be used to hook into the plugin by a Developer.

UnityGenAPI.getPlayerGens(UUID UUID);
» Returns List<String> of Generators
UnityGenAPI.getItemStack(String tier, Integer amount);
» Returns ItemStack of Tier
UnityGenAPI.isValidTier(String tier);
» Returns boolean if generator exists
UnityGenAPI.giveGenerator(Player p, String tier, Integer amount);
» Give <p> a <tier> generator of <amount>
UnityGenAPI.getPlayerLimit(Player p);
» Returns Integer of Players Limit
UnityGenAPI.isItemStackGen(ItemStack is);
» Returns boolean if ItemStack is valid

Custom Events

public void onGeneratorPlace(UGPlaceEvent e){
// code
public void onGeneratorInteract(UGInteractEvent e){
// code
public void onItemGeneration(UGItemGenerateEvent e){
// code
public void onCommandGeneration(UGCommandGenerateEvent e){
// code
public void onAdminInteract(UGAdminInteractEvent e){
// code
public void onFuelEvent(UGFuelEvent e){
// code
public void onFuelOtherEvent(UGFuelOtherEvent e){
// code

Expiring Generators

Since version 2.6.0, UnityGen allows for defining temporary generators.

To create an expiring generator, we must set

expire: -1 


expire: <seconds>

Once done, once the generator is placed a player will be unable to remove this generator (unless an admin removes it).

You can use the placeholder %expire% in an expiring generator hologram.

Fuel System

Since version 2.7.0, UnityGen allows defining of fuels that are capable of refilling expiring generators.

After the above steps are followed, head into fuel.yml and you can define each fuel. If you wish for a fuel type to be applicable to only certain generators, edit the following to your needs.